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Liao Yang——CEO / design chair Character introduction

  • Chief executive shareholder / design director of the company, famous membrane architecture master, one of the pioneers of membrane structure industry in China. The first vice chairman of the former membrane structure Professional Committee has presided over a number of influential membrane architecture designs, including the National Stadium (Bird's Nest), Qingdao Yizhong stadium, Wuhu stadium, T3 terminal toll station of Beijing airport, and Beijing Xierqi subway station. His membrane architecture works have won many international and domestic awards for membrane architecture, which plays a role in promoting the application and development of membrane architecture in China It plays a positive role.

Wang Wensheng——Executive shareholder Character introduction

  • The company's executive shareholder / chief engineer is now a member of the membrane structure professional group of the space structure branch, a well-known domestic membrane structure expert, a first-class registered structural engineer, and a national registered consultant. He has presided over the cable membrane structure design of Qingdao Yizhong stadium, Wuhu stadium, FOSHAN CENTURY LOTUS STADIUM, ijinholo stadium cable dome and Panjin stadium, He has won the national science and Technology Progress Award (second prize), science and technology award of China Steel Structure Association (first prize), etc.

design Service area

Membrane structure - this is the usual term; we call it "membrane architecture". It is symbiotic with steel and wood structures in the world of architecture. As the name implies, this new technology covers not only structural problems, but also closely related to architectural scheme design, architectural form and modeling, building fire prevention, building thermal engineering, architectural acoustics, architectural optics, architectural environment and master plan, building water supply and drainage, building ventilation and exhaust, etc.
——To provide construction units with membrane structure scheme planning and engineering consulting services.
——Provide membrane structure building scheme and deepening design service for design units.
——Provide technical cooperation service for membrane structure peers.

Provide a full range of services from scheme to delivery for membrane structure engineering

At present, the main members of the company have participated in the scheme creation, design, construction drawing and site management of most projects of the original joint venture company

With more than 15 years of membrane construction experience, it is the leading elite team in the domestic membrane construction industry